All pricing is bespoke and is based on the time it takes to make & decorate, rather than the number of servings/size of the cakes and bakes. Therefore, prices outlined below should only be used as a guideline and may differ to the quotation received.

To help you decide what size cake to order, please see the rough guideline below.

Cake serving chart

Circle cake


Square cake

6 inch 5-10 people   6 inch 6-10 people
8 inch 10-15 people   8 inch 15-20 people
9 inch 15-20 people   9 inch 20-25 people
10 inch 20-25 people   10 inch 25-30 people
12 inch 25-30 people   12 inch 30-40 people
14 inch 35-45 people   14 inch 50-60 people
16 inch 50-65 people   16 inch 65-80 people
18 inch 75-90 people   18 inch 85-100 people

Not looking for a cake? Why not ask for a quote for some other options such as:
Cupcakes*, decorated biscuits & cookies, pastries, cake pops, chocolates, mini cakes, lollipops!

*Cupcakes are sold in batches of 12 or 24. You can order as many batches as you wish.

Celebration Cakes from £55.00 (size depends on number of servings. See serving guideline above)
Wedding Favours (to match your wedding cake/theme) Price on Application- please contact me
Cupcakes from £1.25 each (cupcakes can be ordered in batches of 12 or 24)
Mini cakes from £2.00 each (mini cakes can be ordered in batches of 12 or 24)
Cake Pops from £2.50 each
Chocolates & Confectionary from £2.40 per bag/box
Biscuits & Cookies from £2.00 per bag/box
Gifts from £2.99
Edible Chocolate sculptures from £20.00
Don't see something you want? Just ask! Everything is made to order!

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