Bespoke Wedding Favours

Bespoke wedding favours to suit your wedding theme/colourscheme. Prices start at £1.80 per favour, including packaging/gift wrap. Contact me for a quotation! Minimum order 50 favours.


Most of my gift items are seasonal- order them whilst they’re available as once they're gone, they're gone! I believe in following the seasons and using only the freshest ingredients at their prime. Enjoy the variety and I am open to any requests you may have. All items can be beautifully gift wrapped too at a small extra cost or bundled into gift hampers/baskets/boxes! 

Triple Peanut Spread

Contains salted peanuts, dry roast peanuts, honeyed peanuts, groundnut oil and honey.

£3.19 per jar

Peanut & Chocolate Spread

Contains dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) and salted peanuts.

£3.19 per jar

Cashew, Chilli & Orange Spread

Contains salted cashews, chilli flakes, honey, candied orange peel.

£4.99 per jar

Hand-rolled Chocolate Date Truffles (rolled in cocoa or sesame seeds)

Contains: dates, chocolate (white, milk or dark..please specify your choice), sesame seeds, premium ground cocoa.

Box of 4: £4.50
Box of 6: £6.50
Box of 8: £8.50
Box of 12: £10.50

Must order at least 3 days in advance

Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles (infused with various flavours)

Flavour infusions include: alcoholic liquers (your choice), and non-alcoholic natural oils: orange oil, rose, thyme, cardamon, lavender and coffee. Please ask for more information.

Box of 4: £5.50
Box of 6: £7.50
Box of 8: £9.50
Box of 12: £11.50

Must order at least 7 days in advance


Only 1 of each design available!

£12.99 each

Designer Chocolate Lollies

Treat yourself or make a great addition to any party with these sophisticated chocolate lollies.

£2 each, available in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Extra design on back of lolly available (e.g. nuts, edible flowers, popping candy etc. for 50p extra per lolly)

Must order at least 3 days in advance

Hand-crafted Chocolates

Made to order, filled with either: salted caramel, sicilian lemon mousse or nut praline (you choose). Sold in boxes of 4, 6, 8 or 12.

Box of 4: £5.00
Box of 6: £7.50
Box of 8: £10.00
Box of 12: £15.00

Must order at least 7 days in advance

SEASONAL JAM: Pear & Ginger

Delicately balanced, this freshly homemade pear & ginger jam will tickle your tongue and delight your tastebuds!

£2.99 per jar

Danish Peppernut Biscuits (traditional Danish mixed spice biscuits)

A jar of hand-rolled traditional Danish ’Pfeffernusse’ Biscuits. Each biscuit is delicately flavoured with a traditional mix of Danish mixed spice and finished off with a magical dusting of icing sugar. A very unique flavour that will get you hooked! Each biscuit is approximately the size of a small walnut. Presented in a 350ml clear glass jar and festive ribbon.

£8 per jar

Must order at least 1 week in advance

Arabian Nights Date Filled Biscuits

They say special things come in little packages. I wouldn’t argue when it comes to these little gems called Maamoul. These are traditional Middle Eastern stuffed pastries, with a melt in the mouth shortbread shell and a variety of fillings. My own recipe is filled with dates, cardamon and a touch of rosewater. Best drunk with coffee (why not infuse with a few golden strands of saffron for an extra special treat?)

Large gold box (approx 10-12 biscuits depending on design)
£15 each

Must order at least 1 week in advance